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On-Site Business Notary Services

For information on our on-site business notary services, go here.

Common Notarial Acts

Scheduling Your Mobile Notarization

Getting your notarization is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Make sure you have a valid government-issued photo ID.
  2. Make sure whatever you need notarized is at hand.
  3. Use the button below to use our online Mobile Notary Request form or contact us for more information or answers to your questions.

It really is that simple!

We provide notarial services to the residents of the areas we serve in Bernalillo, Sandoval and Valencia counties in New Mexico. The mobile notary service is no different than what you would find at a fixed-location notary - Except that we come to you!.

Other Notarial Acts and Services

For other notarial acts or services, please contact Go2Notary, LLC.

We provide you with a plethora of notary information on our Information pages - from FAQs to definitions and more! If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us, we'll be glad to answer your questions.

Go2Notary, LLC  makes separate arrangements with each signing contracting entity. See our NSA page for more information.

Notary Signing Agent Fees

Explanation of Fees and Charges

Notarial Acts Fees

The state of New Mexico sets the limit for each notarial act at five dollars ($5.00) and ten dollars ($10.00) for electronic notarization. A notary public may opt to charge less or waive the fee altogether.

Copy Certification Fees

In addition to the fee for the notarial act(s) involved with Copy Certification (if any), there is a fee of fifty cents ($0.50) per page with a minimum fee of five dollars ($5.00).

Travel Fee

New Mexico law limits the fee mobile notaries may charge to thirty cents ($0.30) per mile. The travel free is not mandated by New Mexico law, but treats it as a private agreement between the notary and the signer.

Time Charge

In addition to the mileage fee, Go2Notary, LLC also applies a charge for time in traveling to and being at the site of  your notarization. This is billed in quarter-hour increments (or portion thereof) of ten dollars ($10.00). The normal off-hour quarter-hour surcharge rate is fifteen dollars ($15.00) and twenty dollars ($20.00) on holidays.


Go2Notary accepts cash, money order, PayPal and credit/debit cards as payment options. See our Payment page for more information.


Oaths and Affirmations


Certified Copies

Note that New Mexico state notary law prohibits certifying photographs; either as an original or as a copy.

For more information on these notarial acts, view our Glossary of Notarial Terms. Or contact us!

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