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Our Unconditional Guarantee

Go2Notary, LLC guarantees the accuracy of its work. Should a document or documents within a signing contain an error we made, we will fix it at no cost. In the event a package also contains contracting entity errors, we will negotiate an equitable fee to resolve the discrepancies. If your company deducts for notary error from the originally contracted amount and you subsequently ask us to fix the error, the fee to do so will be negotiated.

Signing Terminology and Conditions As Used by Go2Notary, LLC

  • Signing Fee - The amount contractually agreed upon to witness and conduct the execution of a transaction(s) that includes notarial and signature signing. As used by Go2Notary, LLC, Signing Fee is meant to encompass: (a) our time, expertise and liability; (b) all notarial acts; (c) travel within a fifteen-mile radius; (d) document printing, as further explained below; and (e) Fax backs, also as further explained below.
  • Printing Fee - Go2Notary, LLC will print up to 300 total pages as part of the Signing Fee. We negotiate a fee for packages over the 300-page limit.
  • Fax/Email Back Fee - Go2Notary, LLC will return documents via fax or email. Emailed files will be in black and white PDF format.
  • ~Fax/Email Back Fee is $25 when it entails a double trip, i.e., returning to our office, scanning, faxing/emailing documents, then driving to the shipper to ship the document hard copies.
  • ~Fax/Email Back Fee with no double trip, is charged at ten cents ($0.10) per scanned/faxed page.
  • Remote or Distant Trip Fee - Due to the distance to, remoteness of and/or inaccessibility of signing locations outside of the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho metropolitan area, such travel usually incurs significant time as well as mileage. Our partners are apprised of such additional travel charges at the time of contract. All travel time and distance calculations are round-trip based. See our NSA Service Area page for more information.
  • New Mexico Sales Tax- New Mexico gross receipts tax varies by locale. It is applied to the Signing Fee and all fee/charge additions thereto.
  • Rescheduling - Go2Notary, LLC recognizes that there are times signings must be rescheduled. We do not generally charge for rescheduled signings except for mileage and time fees if our agent has been dispatched to the site of the signing at the time of rescheduling.
  • Cancellations - For the purposes herein, "scheduled signing time" means the time at which travel to said signing would have to commence for a timely signing.
  • ~Signing contracts canceled at or after a scheduled signing time shall incur a full-fee charge. This includes borrower No Show or Refusal to Sign.
  • ~Cancellations made prior to departure for the scheduled signing time are subject to a fifty dollar ($50.00) handling fee, plus applicable fees for printing and/or other expenses incurred by Go2Notary, LLC.
  • Late Fee - A ten percent (10%) monthly charge for late payment thirty (30) days past due of the date of the signing or the bill thereof, whichever date is later.

Who We Partner With

Go2Notary, LLC takes pride in providing top-notch Notary Signing Agent services to lenders, title companies, realtors, real estate brokers, as sub-contractors to other NSA services, and other individuals and/or entities engaged in real estate transactions requiring a certified and insured signing agent commissioned in the state of New Mexico.

Go2Notary, LLC - Notary Signing Agent Service

Go2Notary, LLC Business Policies and Practices

We make separate contractual arrangements with each signing service entity (whether individual or company) on a case-by-case basis. Our rates are designed to be competitive with those of other NSAs in the Bernalillo, Valencia and Sandoval county areas.

Practices & Policies

  • Business arrangements are private matters between two entities and we regard those agreements as sacred trusts. We do not divulge nor share business information amongst our partners without the explicit consent of all parties. Just as we will not ask you with whom you do business, please do not ask us with whom we do business. This includes providing "references" - we maintain currency in our background checks and certifications and that should suffice in meeting legitimacy criteria. Likewise, Go2Notary, LLC shall not ask you for your business' references.
  • The information we give our partners is always given truthfully and in good faith, andGo2Notary, LLC expects like consideration.
  • We are committed to providing excellence of service - during the signing period, our partners can expect that our focus will be fully on the swift and accurate completion of their signing.
  • We always endeavor to resolve issues, discrepancies and questions in a timely and professional manner, and we expect like consideration from our business partners.

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