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Make sure you (and any other signers) have proper identification and that all documents to be notarized are on hand at the time of the notarization. Be ready to do the notarization, as additional charges will be applied for waiting.

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Enter your first and last name. Include a middle initial or name if that is how it will appear in the notarized document(s).


Enter the best telephone number at which you can be reached. If there is a best time to call, make sure to enter that in Additional Info.

Date and Time

If you select the Earliest Available option, you need not select a date time, otherwise, request a specific a date and time.


As a mobile notary, we serve the public in all locations, many of which require special procedures and handling. If you select Other, please use the following dropdown list to indicate the type of location the notarization will take place. While most Native American reservation laws and regulations allow a New Mexico notary to perform notarial acts on reservation land, you will need to verify that prior to the mobile notary service. Enter the reservation name in Additional Info.

Location Name

If the notarization is taking place at a residence, enter NA. Otherwise, enter the name of the business (including bail bonds), the detention facility, the hospital or hospice name, or the airline name.


In addition to the street address, include your apartment number, room number, suite number or any other address sub-unit.

City, County and ZIP

Enter the name of your city, town or village, and in which New Mexico county the notarization will take place, and your ZIP Code.

Document Type

The notarial wording on the document usually indicates what type of notarial act is required. If you are unsure, consult with an attorney first, as New Mexico law prohibits a non-attorney notary public from the practice of law. If there are multiple documents, list the document types in Additional Info.

Number of Signers, Notarizations and Copy Pages

Enter how many people will be signing the document and how many notarization certificates you have. If you are requesting Copy Certification, enter the number of pages to be copied, otherwise enter 0 (zero).

Additional Info

In addition to any information listed in the sections above, you can enter any information or comments you deem pertinent to your mobile notary request.

Mobile Notary Request Instructions

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