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All notarial acts require that the person(s) seeking the execution of a notarial act appear in person before the notary and possess either government-issued photo identification or are accompanied by credible witnesses (see below).

It is unlawful for a notary to affix their seal and/or signature without the person(s) seeking a notarial act being present. It is also illegal for the notary to pre- or post-date the date of the notarial act.

Proper identification:  Includes current state-issued driver licenses or photo identification from any of the 50 states or a US territory, tribal identification, US Armed Forces service identification or a passport bearing the person's photograph. Identification can also be made by two credible witnesses who each have proper identification or by one credible witness that is personally known to the notary.

A Notary Public is prohibited, as a ministerial official of the state of New Mexico, from the practice of law (unless they are an attorney). That means Go2Notary, LLC cannot offer you advice, explanation of the meaning or purpose of a document, or interpret or otherwise indicate to you which notarial certificate or act to perform unless such act is obviously indicated by:

(a) notarial certificate wording on the document; or

(b) the type of notarial act is indicated by you for inclusion as an attached certificate to such document(s).

If you are in doubt about the nature or purpose of a document to be notarized, or the type of notarization you require, please consult an attorney first.

Fine-Print Legal Stuff

About Go2Notary, LLC

  1. Serve you honestly, fairly and in an unbiased manner as a public servant;
  2. Act as an impartial witness and not profit or gain from any notarial act, apart from the fees allowed by law;
  3. Require the presence of each signer and/or oath-taker and carefully screen each for identity and willingness, and observe that each appears aware of the transaction's significance;
  4. Not execute a false or incomplete certificate, nor be involved with any document or transaction that we believe is false, deceptive or fraudulent;
  5. Give precedence to the rules of law over the dictates or expectations of any person or entity;
  6. Act as a ministerial officer and not provide unauthorized advice or services;
  7. Affix a seal on every notarized document and not allow this symbol of office to be used by another, or used in an endorsement or promotion;
  8. Record every notarial act in a bound journal or other secure recording device and safeguard it as an important public record;
  9. Respect the privacy of each signer and not divulge or use personal or proprietary information disclosed during execution of a notarial act for other than an official purpose; and
  10. Maintain constant instruction on notarial acts, and keep current on the laws, practices and requirements of the notarial office as delineated by New Mexico statutes.
Our Guiding Principles

We are a notarial services company focused on providing innovative solutions for the twenty-first century without losing sight of the notarial office's traditional roots. Our notaries are experts in all the aspects of providing notary services to our community. What separates us from the rest is our commitment to staying current with the ever-changing nature of the 21st century's connected and mobile society.

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